The Whole 9 Yards For Your Animal

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The Whole 9 Yards For Your Animal

The Whole Nine Yards… A phrase I’m sure we all have heard or have even used in our daily lives. Have you taken The Whole Nine Yards to give your dog or cat a full and beneficial life? This phrase “The Whole Nine Yards” refers to taking the whole lot, or going all the way.

If you haven’t already visited our website, I highly recommend you read about PetVi’s – 9 Benefits . In our 9 Benefits, we talk about taking action to prevent your dog or cat from having the itch or the scratch or excessive shedding that is not allowing them to have that full life of vitality that every pet should have. Along with promoting and enhancing your pets overall well-being, that begins in the digestive tract of your animal.

PetVi contains 100% pure alfalfa which is rich in key nutrients, pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, certified organic flaxseed (a source of Omega-3 fatty Acid), certified organic zinc which helps maintain the vitality of your pets skin.

So I ask you… Have you taken the Whole Nine Yards to help and enhance your animals life and overall well-being? Start today with PetVi!

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