Here is Bentley. One of our longtime Florida customers, he’s beautiful, thanks to PetVi.



my dog stopped scratching which means my dog stopped itching. which is exactly what i was after with this product.


This has worked amazing for my 9 year old dog. She had begun itching, chewing her paws, had dandruff.. I tried many things but after a few months on this she is like a new dog. No longer itching or chewing. Her skin and coat is beautiful to the point that people now comment on how soft her fur is and how shiny her coat is. She overall seems like a happier dog. I am very happy with this product.


I gave this a 5 STAR rating because I saw big notices in my Shiba Inu’s healthier coat. The coat is shinier and he is not shedding like he usually does. Not only do I see a difference in his coat, but a noticeable positive change in his breath. If I’m able to see changes on the outside of his body, I can only imagine the positive impacts it’s having on the inside of his body. He can’t get enough of this stuff! I recommend this product to anyone that has a dog with scratching issues, rashes, irritations or shedding problems.

It definitely help my little sickly, one eyed, skinny, hair losing, itchy Kitty. I am very, very, pleased.

Barry Crawford

I bought this after seeing positive results with my dog using the Petimmune dog formula. With continued use saw a steady improvement in my cats digestion.


So happy with this product, just purchased our second bag for our cats. They have never been so happy and healthy.

Christopher Martens

This stuff is great! I noticed a difference in my cat’s shedding almost immediately. I’d definitely purchase again.

Misty Manning

I want to thank this company for being very honest! My cats wouldn’t eat their food with this product. They are very finicky eaters. I never asked them for the money back, didn’t give them a bad review. They returned it on their own. I am in my 70s, and it has been a long time since any company has been that responsive or honest. This review is for the people of this company!!! If there are other products from this company I need for my animals, I will return to them. Highly Recommend

Country Granny (Okla.)

This product absolutely does the trick for itching problems and excessive shedding. I can only imagine how good it is for the immune system of my animals. I use the dog product as well, and had fantastic results that were noticeable in just 2 weeks with new hair growth where my dog had rubbed and scratched it off. Amazing. I mix it with a little inexpensive brand of powder chicken broth/corn oil on dry food to encourage them to eat every drop if you have more than one dog or cat and need to make sure each one gets their portion.