Proprietary Blend

PetVi – Proprietary Blend

We believe your pet deserves the best health and life possible. PetVi is a proprietary blend that has been specially and carefully formulated to optimize the health of your pet’s digestive system.

PetVi Contains the Following Powerful and Beneficial Ingredients:

-Natural live beneficial microorganisms (probiotics), such as Lactobacillus acidophilus

-Multiple sources of fiber (prebiotics), sun dried California alfalfa hay (natural) and yeast cell walls – prebiotics promote the growth of the powerful and beneficial probiotic microorganisms found in PetVi

– PetVi contains digestive enzymes

-Certified organic flaxseed, a source of the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid

-A highly bioavailable form of certified organic zinc, which helps maintain the vitality of your pet’s skin

Why is Healthy Digestion So Vital for Your Pet?

Just as in humans, your pet’s health largely depends upon healthy digestion.  Maintaining a healthy digestive tract depends on the balance of microbial populations.  When the composition of bacteria found in the intestinal tract is negatively altered, often by nutritional changes, the shape and function of cells lining the digestive tract are affected.

These changes can result in poor health and increased susceptibility to allergic reactions ranging from itching, scratching to paw licking and more.  PetVi was created to help.

Due to the way in which the majority of pet food is manufactured it is not possible to include live microorganisms.  The reason is that live microorganisms are destroyed in the heating process.

The use of PetVi provides beneficial bacteria into your pet’s diet and will restore and maintain gut health.  Your pet will look better and feel better as a result.

Once you’ve restored your pet’s proper microbial balance with PetVi your pet will benefit in 3 major ways:

  • Your pet will enjoy improved intestinal health.

That means better digestibility and increased resistance to intestinal pathogens such as Salmonella and Clostridia.

  • PetVi works to stabilize beneficial microbial populations.

This not only affects intestinal health, but overall (systemic) health as well. Your pet’s immune response has two basic components, innate and acquired (responsible for allergic reactions).  The ingredients in PetVi have been shown to modulate elements of the acquired immune response, which translates into an alleviation of many allergic reactions.

  • By populating your pet’s intestinal tract with beneficial bacteria early in life, skin (atopic dermatitis) and other allergies can be reduced.

PetVi has the effective and beneficial microorganisms your pet needs.  Feeding PetVi to pregnant and lactating females helps inoculate the digestive tract of puppies with beneficial bacteria early in life, reducing the incidence and severity of allergic reactions, which lead to itching and scratching later in life.

Recent changes in European Union regulations as well as a growing shift in worldwide attitudes towards the elimination of antibiotics in animal feed have led to an increased use of probiotics to improve gut health and immunity in animals.  Studies with organisms found in PetVi have shown improved health and development of the intestines in young animals.  This means that feeding PetVi to females nursing pups or kittens exposes them to beneficial bacteria early in life and, in the process, helps promote lifelong positive health outcomes.