First Time Users

As with any change in diet, initial supplementation with PetVi at the recommended level may cause a temporary reduction in food intake.

To maintain intakes we suggest:

1. Week 1: 1/4 of recommended level
2. Week 2: 1/2 of recommended level
3. Week 3: full serving

PetVi should be thoroughly mixed in your pet’s food and with the addition of a small amount of water will improve mixing with dry food. Feed with every meal. For more information please call 800-258-9718 Mon–Fri 8am-6pm PST.

Feeding instructions for my dog:

1.5 tsp (2.5 grams) per 15 pounds of body weight or 1.5 tbsp (7.5 grams) per 45 lbs of body weight.
Feed with every meal. Top dress on food and mix well.

Feeding instructions for my cat:

1 tsp per 7.5 pounds of body weight


*If pet does not enjoy the taste initially, mix with low sodium chicken broth. Gradually reduce until your pet is used to the taste of the supplement. PetVi uses only natural, high-quality ingredients, meaning we do not sacrifice quality for artificial flavoring.