The Story of PetVi

PetVi was founded by Mark Lucio, a broker in the hay industry for over 30 years. After seeing the benefits that alfalfa had for dairy and ranch animals Mark got his friends together and formed PetVi to create a supplement for dogs and cats based on alfalfa. PetVi was created… an all natural supplement for dogs and cats.

Mark and the partners of PetVi stand on 3 principles:

1) You should know where your pet’s supplements come from. We grow and package our products, using only natural, U.S. sourced ingredients.
2) Your pets come first. We make only premium quality products that are affordable for our customers and are regulated by the FDA.
3) Your trust is important to us. We give our customers the best and easiest guarantee: 120-day money back, no return of product needed.

Enjoy shopping and learning about our product!

The PetVi Partners