and scratching constantly?

This can be caused by an overreaction
by the immune response system

PETVI can help


Stinky dog?

PetVi Prevents:
Digestive Disorder
Itching and Scratching
Excessive Shedding
Dog Breath
Smelly Dog

Petvi maintains your pets health by naturally replacing many of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are cooked out of conventional home cooked pet foods and processed manufactured pet foods.

PetVi for Dogs w/Hip and Joint

Our PetVi Digestive Health Supplement PLUS Hip and Joint has added Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate and Beta Carotene to help with your dog’s joint health and flexibility.  This supplementation prevents joint inflammation, discomfort and osteoarthritis. Great for active, older and pet’s that are prone to hip and joint problems.

120 Day Risk-Free Guarantee! (learn more)

1lb Bag yields:
• Large Dog = 30 Day Supply
• Medium Dog = 60 Day Supply
• Small Dog = 90 Day Supply

PetVi for Dogs

PetVi dog digestive health pre & probiotic has been carefully formulated to help prevent itching, scratching, bad breath, excessive shedding, digestive disorders and more.  Our proprietary formula uses only trusted and tested ingredients and promotes overall health, digestive health, immunity & vitality.

120 Day Risk-Free Guarantee! (learn more)

Mix in with your dog’s favorite food.
1lb Bag yields:
•Large Dog = 30 Day Supply
• Medium Dog = 60 Day Supply
• Small Dog = 90 Day Supply


Petvi restores and maintains your pet’s gut health which means that your dog or cat will stop itching and scratching, stop the excessive shedding, get rid of the bad breath and digestive problems, have a shinier healthier coat, help boost their immune system and help them feel great. We have helped thousands of dogs and cats get back to health and happiness and become the VIbrant pet they should be. Stop spending thousands of dollars on vet bills and see why so many pet owners use our product. And best of all we have the lowest per feeding cost and $2.00 shipping, this insures you can continue to give your pet the best health without breaking your budget. Petvi…  All Natural nutrition for Vitality and Vigor, we 100% guarantee it!


Read more about the 9 key benefits of PetVi

The 9 key benefits of PetVi

The best guarantee

The best guarantee